3 Early steps in cleaning a gas stove

In order for you to clean the gas stove properly, pay attention to the ways and steps we will share the following early steps that we will share with you. Apart from that, don’t forget to check out the excellent Propane Lake City SC service near your location too.

1. Soak the gas stove ring

Generally, the gas stove ring can be directly removed from the furnace, if the ring is joined to the furnace section, read the manual for cleaning or removing it.

Once released, soak the ring in a hot water solution, add liquid dish soap or with one tablespoon of citric acid.

Soak the ring for 2-4 hours so that stubborn dirt and crust are lifted. Then clean the ring by brushing it using an old toothbrush, then rinse and dry it with a cloth.

2. Clean the stove with a special cream

Avoid cleaning the gas stove with water and soap solution. Because water will make the stove wet and moist which makes the fire not light up perfectly.

You can use a special kitchen cleaning cream or gas stove. Follow the rules of use on the product packaging, or generally, this cream is simply applied to the furnace.

Let stand a few minutes so that the cream works optimally to shed fat and dirt. If there are stubborn crusts or stains, and hard-to-reach parts, brush using an old toothbrush.

Finally, rub or wipe the furnace with a sponge or cloth rag. Also, clean the base of the stove from cooking waste.

3. Use natural ingredients to clean the surface of the gas stove

The surface of the gas stove is the part that needs to be cleaned every time you finish cooking. Stains and used cooking oil very often leave traces.

In addition to using chemical cleaning fluids, You can also use natural ingredients to make the surface of the gas stove look sleek, along with the Baking soda; Dissolve two tablespoons of baking soda with one liter of warm water in a spray bottle. Spray the solution on the surface of the gas stove, let stand a few minutes so that the solution works. Clean using a cloth or microfiber cloth, making sure there are no traces of liquid left behind.

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