Sign of Leaky Propane Gas

Leaking gas cylinders are not only susceptible to igniting fires, but also very harmful to the health of the body when inhaled. Unfortunately, the symptoms of propane gas poisoning are often detected late because leakage of gas cylinders cannot be realized by people around. Visit our website to fill propane tank near me.

Then, how do you do it if a home gas stove tube has a leak, what are the symptoms of gas poisoning, and what should be done to prevent it from spreading? Check out this article to find out.

The original nature of natural gas is odorless, tasteless, colorless, and does not irritate. This is what makes gas leaks often difficult to detect before it’s too late. To prevent this, gas companies generally add mercaptan, a non-hazardous smelling chemical.

This Mercaptan can be an early warning sign of a gas cylinder leak, thanks to its distinctive aroma like sulfur or rotten eggs. Besides the smell of rotten eggs, here are some signs of leaky gas cylinders that you need to know.

A hissing sound near the gas cylinder There is damage to the gas cylinder connector or gas cylinder regulator There is white smoke, dust floating in the air like being blown, or bubbles in puddles A lot of dew appears on the surface of the closest window of the gas cylinder The color of the flame on the stove is orange or yellow, there is no blue Plants around the gas cylinder wither, even die for no apparent reason

Inhalation of leaking gas can cause various health problems. In fact, these symptoms can also be felt by your pet. The following are common signs and symptoms of gas poisoning.

A headache Unbearable dizziness Nauseous vomit Eye and throat irritation Very weak feeling and fatigue Difficulty breathing; hard to breathe Pale skin and blisters Dull (concussion) or other mental change problems

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