The golf course anatomy

Golf games are played on a lot of lands that have been specifically designed. This land is often called a golf course or golf course. In general golf courses have a number of holes (holes) which generally consist of 9 holes or 18 holes. On the other hand, you can visit bangkok golf if you’ll go on a vacation to Thailand soon.

At the first blow starts from teeing ground. This punch is often called teeing shot. The grass at teeing ground is well maintained. After the first blow, the players start hitting the ball again from the last ball position after making the first hit. The ball then lands on the fairway or is in the rough. The grass on the fairway is cut short so that the ball is easier to hit. Whereas in rough, it has longer grass compared to the fairway so that the ball is harder to hit. The players continue to hit until the ball enters a hole (hole or cup). Each hole has only one hole.

Every hole on a golf course usually has obstacles or hazards. These obstacles consist of two types, namely water obstacles such as a river or lake. And the bunker (bunker) is a basin with sand. Green is made that refers to the putting area. In the Green area, players are only allowed to use golf sticks called putter. The grass in the green area is cut very short so that the ball can only roll easily. In addition, it must also have a diameter of 108 mm (4.25 inches), where it is always on the grass and has a depth of about 100 mm (3.94 inches). This cup is usually marked with a flag as a sign and makes it easy for players to see from a distance

Usually, the course also has a limit marked with a stake. Outside the sign, it is called the zone of out of bounds or called OB. If the player’s ball is able to land in the OB zone then the players will receive a penalty of 1 punch by repeating a few punches from that place.