This is the Effect of Martial Arts on the Character Development of Children

Many people think that martial arts only affect children’s physical development. In fact, children’s mental development is also influenced by the martial arts that you choose for them. The right martial arts will have a good impact on the child. The existence of kids martial arts is indeed very necessary for better child development.

There are several benefits that will be obtained from the existence of martial arts for children and of course a big influence on the development of their character.

– Self-defense
One of the goals of learning self-defense is to be able to take care of yourself before looking after others. Not surprisingly, now elementary school teachers to high school will often be bothered by students who fight only because of playing football because they are knocked when walking. Students who are accustomed to martial arts will try to hold back because there must be a doctrine from the trainer that self-defense is not for fighting, usually they will succumb and leave, but when these problems cannot be resolved by ‘going’ the self-defense students will defend themselves, students martial arts do not know fear if they are right, they are used to defending themselves instead of crying and complaining about problems to parents who sometimes do not solve problems.

– Practice leadership
Martial arts are brave, healthy, and certainly will be more than students who do not participate in martial arts activities. Accustomed to training material that is sometimes asked to become a tutor for the belts below, martial arts children will get used to leading. Even in class, the differences will appear with other students, not shy, able to gather friends, be leaders for their friends.

– Increase caring and respect
In the martial arts promise (especially taekwondo) there is a promise to respect coaches, seniors, administrators and parents and love younger siblings. Martial arts children will be accustomed to caring for anyone, caring when their friends compete and encouraging support, because the entire team will become supporters of those who compete, they are also accustomed to paying homage to coaches and seniors every time they meet, and after training they are used to cleaning their training ground without any garbage at all.