Things you need to know about Heartbleed security gap

If you use Windows XP and access websites that use Open SSL 1.0.1G, then your data will most likely be safe from Heartbleed attacks. So, this myth can also be said to be wrong. Apart from that, you may also try the system to improve the security level of your gadgets and computers.

Hackers Can Control Gadgets that Connect to the Internet

This statement is a myth that is also wrong. Because Heartbleed is an Open SSL vulnerability that is used to encrypt the data that is transferred. Heartbleed is only used by hackers to steal information. So it’s impossible to control or control the gadget through Heartbleed.

Change Password Immediately when Heartbleed Detected website

This statement is also not entirely true because hackers could again commit theft of passwords. But there’s nothing wrong with changing passwords regularly to reduce the chance of password theft.

So, Heartbleed can be defined as a security bug (bug security) that is able to penetrate the site system on the internet and result in failure of data encryption. Because of this Heartbleed attack, various large companies that use Open SSL are likely to be hacked or hacked by hackers by using a “digital key” to enter the company’s system.

Open SSL is a software used to access SSL (Secure Socket Layer). The SSL function is to encrypt digital data when there is an internet connection that connects a server with other servers. Encryption of digital data is done to prevent information leakage freely. One characteristic of websites that use open SSL is the use (https: //) of the website URL. Surely you often find a website address with a prefix like that instead, including Twitter and Facebook.

Previously it was rumored that large sites like Facebook and Flickr were also affected by this one dangerous attack. To slightly overcome the impact, the users of these sites are also urged to immediately change their password.

Well, that’s a brief review of what Heartbleed is and the various myths circulating around Heartbleed. Don’t forget to always look for the latest information about a problem before trusting the myths that are circulating. This is important to do to obtain valid information about a problem that is being discussed. Be smart and be safe!