Complete Guide about Backpack Size

Backpacks are one of the best inventions in the world. This very useful bag has many designs, shapes and sizes to suit professional and personal needs. From exploring nature to meeting, there is a size and style of backpack that suits you. Visit our website and find Swissdigital backpack review.

Backpack size can be known in 2 ways. The first way is to measure the volume of the bag, so you can find out how many items fit in it. Backpack volume is measured in cubic inches or liters. The second way is to look at the dimensions of the bag (length, width and height).

– Volume
The factory determines whether the backpack size is expressed in liters. Some backpack brands use both units to make it easier for buyers to understand the size. For example, a backpack has a volume of 20 liters while measuring 1,220 cubic inches. Backpack volume can be calculated using a dimensional formula. But, most designers and backpack manufacturers have provided this information by analyzing the volume that can be stored by all the compartments in the backpack. So, if your backpack has some compartments, the designer will measure the volume of storage from small pockets inside and outside the backpack plus the main compartment.

But, not all factories measure the volume of bags this way. Some companies also consider open bags outside the bag, such as mesh bags for drinking bottles. So, even though the volume of a backpack looks large, this number is not always 100% accurate.

– dimensions
Backpack size refers to its dimensions; more precisely, length, width, and height. Backpack size is very important because it shows the position of the bag on your body when carried. For example, if you know the length of a backpack, you can estimate the position of the bottom of the backpack on your lower back.

Why is size important? Before buying a backpack, you must know its size because size is an indication of the ability and limits of the bag. But, there is no specific backpack size that is better than other sizes. All depends on your body size and your needs. Backpacks that are too small or too large can make your load unbalanced and cause serious back pain. The worst case scenario is that the size of an improper backpack can make you fall.