Recognize the Causes of Insomnia

Sleep is the body’s recovery process after doing activities. Therefore, sleep becomes an important part of the human life cycle and any disturbances that occur during sleep will have an impact on health. But inevitably, some people experience problems with difficulty sleeping at night, even though their bodies are very tired. The condition of difficulty sleeping at night is usually called insomnia. Then what exactly causes insomnia? Houses that are close to factories or noisy places can also be the reason for residents to sleep hard. No wonder then many are on vacation to ayahuasca places to be able to rest well.

Anxiety disorders and depression are common causes of chronic insomnia. Other psychological causes include life stress, anger, bipolar disorder, and trauma. Sleep does require good mental health. People with the burden of the mind tend to have difficulty sleeping, for example, anxious because tomorrow will be a test or stress due to being in debt. To overcome insomnia because of psychological problems, namely by overcoming psychological problems themselves. We can have many problems, but when going to sleep, the problem should not be a burden. Let our body and mind rest calmly so that the next day it can solve the problems faced better.

There are many medical conditions and diseases that contribute to insomnia. For example asthma, allergies, Parkinson’s, vertigo, kidney, cancer, and others. Pain and discomfort in his body made it difficult for them to sleep. Asthma sufferers, for example, have difficulty sleeping because they experience breathing problems if their asthma recurs. Medical problems such as serious illnesses sometimes affect a person’s psychological condition. People with serious illnesses are sometimes afraid to sleep because they are afraid of something happening to them. The role of the people around him is very necessary to maintain the psychological health of someone who is sick. The reason for not being able to sleep, especially at night, is because someone has too much sleep or rest during the day.