Taking Precautions Right For Your Carpet

Oriental rugs can easily be damaged if exposed to sunlight. Therefore, do not put it near a window. If constantly exposed to sunlight, the color of the carpet will fade. If the sun can not be avoided, try to play the carpet at least once a month. Although the carpet color will eventually fade, at least the colors will fade evenly. Some carpets are made of a material that is dyed with the colors that will not fade even if wet. If the label says “dry clean only” (dry only), is likely to be faded carpet. If you want to test carpet, wet a small area at the tip of the carpet with water (room temperature), then press with a clean white cloth. If you see the colors on the fabric, it means that the carpet will wear off if you try to wash them myself. Much better and it is suggested to use professional services small carpet shampooer.

Although the carpet does not fade, do light cleaning process alone. Do not make the carpet was soaked or using chemical cleaners. If the carpet does not fade, but the conditions are very dirty and you want to clean it thoroughly, should submit the job to a professional carpet cleaner. Heavy furniture that is placed on a carpet fiber will suppress and eventually destroying it. To prevent this, move the furniture layout every six months. This step will make the carpet wear and thinning evenly so that prolong its life. Use a broom or a broom straw on the carpet as a first step to clean the carpet. Move broom in one direction, from one end to the other. Do not move the broom back and forth because it can damage the carpet fibers. When finished, repeat once again. Electric broom designed for carpet use static electricity to remove impurities. This is the safest method for cleaning antique oriental carpets quickly.

If you want to clean the antique carpets are expensive, you should use the right tool for a carpet cleaning device that uses swirling brush system can damage the carpet and reducing its value. If the size of the carpet is not too big and you can lift it, take the carpet out of the house and shake-shake to dislodge dirt and other particles stuck in between the fibers. If the carpet is too big and heavy to being shaken, hang the carpet and at one blow by hand. Dirt and dust will fall off and fly carpet while you do it.

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