Signs of Teenagers Becoming Drug Addicts

Parents should be more alert to abuse and addiction to drugs in children. Many signs that can be a signal that teenagers are caught in the shackles of drugs. This sign can be seen physically, behavior, and psychologically. Meanwhile, you can try the ayhuasca to help you break free from drugs addiction.

Here are some physical signs that can be identified by drug addicts:

Red eyes and pupils that shrink or enlarge. Experience changes in diet or sleep patterns, which cause weight loss or weight gain in a short period of time.
Say words that are confusing or difficult to understand.
The physical appearance that changes or ignores appearance.
Experiencing coordination disorders, injury or bruising without any cause.
Frequent nosebleeds.
A strange smell that smells from the mouth, body, or clothes.
Having seizures without a history of epilepsy.

In terms of behavior and psychology, drug users tend to experience personality changes or attitudes that are not easy to explain. For example, changes in mood can change suddenly. They can be easily offended and angry, or conversely become expressive and responsive in responding to something.

In addition, children can also experience things like:

Become more closed, and look like a secret.
Reduced interest in things that were previously liked.
Motivated, out of focus and looking lethargic.
Withdrawal, anxiety, and paranoia.
Often skipping school and learning values.
Change in social environment or have new friends.
Steal or sell existing items to buy.

Specific Symptoms of Types of Drugs Consumed

The things above can be a sign or sign of teenagers using drugs, but the specific symptoms that appear will be different because it depends on the drugs consumed.

Stimulant drugs, such as cocaine and amphetamines, can cause an increase in heart rate, difficulty sleeping, high blood pressure, cannot be quiet, feel hungry, and become easier to do something.

Depressant drugs, such as sedatives and marijuana, will make users feel more relaxed, not anxious, slowing down, lowering blood pressure, weakening heart rate, and the process of thinking becomes longer.

While the hallucinogenic drug class will have a variety of effects, depending on the power of thought hallucinations created.