Doing the Wireless Site Survey: How to Start and Do It

The Wireless site survey Toronto is a technique used to analyze and retrieve data for installation purposes. The data obtained from the results of the analysis are as follows:

1) Conditions and conditions around, such as obstacles and locations for establishing galvanized towers/pipes.
2) The height of the location from the ground, the distance and angle to the BTS as measured by a GPS (Global Positioning System), so that the height of the galvanized tower/pipe can be obtained.
3) Type of wireless radio, antenna, and channel used.

The most important analysis in the site survey is the line of sight, which is a connecting line between the receiver and the sender/signal. After the location is marked with GPS, then uploaded to the software map of the land surface of the world example Global Mapper.

Site surveys assess the coverage of signal for every access point in a building. This confirms that with the client 100% coverage on certain signals ensures that employees will not have problems with packet delivery on wireless networks. Each building structure surely has the design which then can determine signal characteristics.

Somehow, it is crucial to ensure that the survey you will do can provide the number of advantages or give the result as you expect. Simply speaking, the choice of company that provides the wifi site survey service must be the one that has the experience in that job. Besides that, that company must have the professional works with the use of the advanced technology to check the best location for your wifi installation system.

Since you know that doing the survey is not an easy task, there is another reason for you to work with the professional company even though it makes you spend the money. In this stage, it is not only about spending a lot of money but also get the quality service to ensure there will be less to no issues during the use of the wifi you install for your business needs.